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Winter Weather Make Up Dates

This past winter served up plenty of snow and cold temperatures after the calendar changed to 2019. The winter conditions also contributed to a number of missed school days across the state of Minnesota. So much so, it caught the attention of the governor. Governor Waltz’s work to ensure all students receive adequate time for instruction also brought something to our attention. Every school district in Minnesota is required to have at least 165 days of instruction for students. Cloquet Public Schools provides 167 days of instruction per year for students. While we meet the state requirement, days school is closed for weather do not count as instructional days. If we miss more than two days of school per year due to weather, those days need to be made up. In future years, we will designate potential make up days on the annual school calendar. For this year, the calendar had been approved and published prior to learning about the requirement.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the first two days of school closed for emergency (including winter weather) will not be made up. If school is closed for more than two days, we will need to make up those days to be in compliance with state law. Should we need to make up days, the following days will be used as school days with students present.

  • March 6
  • June 1
  • June 2
  • June 3
  • June 4

As a district, we will communicate in advance with families in the event that a make-up day is needed. We remain hopeful that school closures will be minimal and make-up days will not be needed.

Dr. Michael Cary, Superintendent
Cloquet Public Schools
(218) 879-6721
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