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Social Media Trend 12/16/21

Parents and Staff,


School district leaders were made aware of a social media trend today by the Minnesota Department of Education. While we don't believe there to be any credible threats in our region, we have contacted local law enforcement out of an abundance of caution. Below you can see the response from members of the Carlton County Sheriff's Office.


I am sending a brief note regarding the recent information received by both our office and your school districts regarding the newest social media trend.  Information received by our state fusion (information) center indicates tomorrow is “National School Shooting Day”.  At the time of this message, there have been no credible threats to any of the school districts within Carlton County, nor any in our neighboring counties to my knowledge.  


Tomorrow, I am assigning our staff to provide patrol at each of the county schools as the students are arriving for in the morning.  Due to our deputy staffing numbers, some of the schools will see a plain clothes deputies in unmarked cars providing a presence on your campuses, where others will have a marked squad and a deputy in uniform.  We will also be out in the community throughout the day, continuing to monitor the situations and responding to any concerns. 


Thank you,

Cloquet Public Schools