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Winter Bus Routes

The Cloquet School District, in conjunction with Cloquet Transit, will again be offering a Winter Bus Route for those students who are not eligible to ride regular busses. This will be for a limited time, due to the extreme cold weather. These routes will start Monday, February 8th, both morning and afternoon and end at the District's discretion, sometime in the Spring. 

Parents or Guardians will be required to call Cloquet Transit to set up pickup and drop off locations and times, at the numbers located below. These parents or guardians must be listed in the Cloquet School's database to set up the request. The routes will be separated into K-6 and 7-12 grade levels, please be sure to convey your student's level and student group (A, B or C) when calling. Due to the short time frame to set up these pick ups and drop offs, your student might not be able to start Monday. Be prepared to provide your transportation, until you receive confirmation from Cloquet Transit. 

Cloquet Transit Phone numbers: 879-1291 or 879-3607