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Technology Insurance Options

Each individual device may be insured for the school year.  Insurance covers any accidental damage, parts failure, fire, flood or natural disaster to the device and case as well as lost/stolen device protection with a deductible & filed police report (within 10 days of the incident). Note: Accessories such as chargers, styluses, cases, etc are NOT covered by insurance. 

Cost of Insurance: $35 per device (No Family Max).


Damage Deductible:

1st Incident - Covered

Any other incidents - $15


Lost/Stolen Deductible:

1st - $100

2nd - Cost of Device



Families may OPT OUT of the insurance program, but will assume the full cost of any negligent damage, parts, loss & theft (NOT RECOMMENDED).  Costs of Damages/Replacements will be billed to your IC parent portal.

iPad: Damage $80, Charging Block or Cable $20 ($40 total), Case Replacement $35, Lost/Stolen $480

Chromebook: Damage $80, Power Adapter $40, Stylus $40, Lost/Stolen $480