• Cloquet Public Schools

    Type III School Bus Driver Training

    Any staff member who transports students in a district-owned Type III vehicle (school van) must receive annual training and certification on the vehicles' safe operation.

    Steps to Become Certified 

    These must be completed annually:

    1. Review Training Materials

    2. Complete and pass the Type III Special Needs and Knowledge Quiz (under “Assessment” below)

    3. Schedule and complete:

      1. Behind-the-wheel and pre-trip inspection assessment, only if you meet one of the following criteria:

        1. First-time Type III drivers

        2. Certified drivers 3 years after previous behind-the-wheel training was completed

        3. Drivers who have let their certification lapse over 380 days after previous Type III Certification

        4. Wanting to do a behind-the-wheel refresher prior to the 3 year deadline

    4. Submit paperwork listed below through Joey Hedman at the Garfield Building. The Authorization to Check Driving Record and DVS Record Request forms will be completed with Mary Marciniak (ALL required documents are available in the Type III Documents Google Drive Folder,and the links below but will be provided in a packet during training; please do not turn in forms individually)

      1. Authorization to Check Driving Record

      2. MN DVS Records Request

        1. Top section only

        2. Be sure to include your correct date of birth and driver's license number

      3. A photocopy of your driver's license (front and back)

      4. Criminal background check (if not already on file)

      5. Behind-The-Wheel Evaluation (Appendix A1)

      6. Pre-Trip Inspection Evaluation (Appendix B1)

      7. Evaluator Certification - Type III Driver Only (Appendix D1

    You will be notified via email by Mary Marciniak when your Type III certification has been approved. You are NOT certified until you receive notice from Central Administration. You may NOT transport students until you have received notice of your certification.

    Training Materials

    Optional Further Materials:


    Type III Special Needs and Knowledge Quiz

    Click here to take the knowledge quiz. Your results will be sent electronically to Cloquet Schools. You must score 20 points or greater to pass the test. If you did not pass, please review the Training Materials and retake the test.

    Behind-the-Wheel and/or Pre-Trip Inspection Evaluation

    To schedule an evaluation, email [email protected] with TYPE III entered in the subject line. Please leave your name and preferred contact method (via Text, Email, Phone Number) and Joey will contact you as soon as possible to schedule the training with you.

    Please bring your driver's license to your scheduled training at Garfield School.

    Disclosure Requirements

    Under Minnesota Statutes §171.02, Type III drivers are required to notify Cloquet Schools within ten (10) days if they receive any of the following types of infractions (unless otherwise stated). This requirement extends to violations incurred in any vehicle or location.

    Types of Infractions

    • DWI - Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol

      • Offenses occurring in a private (personal) vehicle

      • Offenses occurring in a district-owned vehicle

      • Violation of implied-consent statute (refusing an intoxication test while driving)

    • Disqualifying offenses (Minn. Stat. §171.3215, subd. 1, paragraph (c))

    • Moving violations

      • Violations occurring in a private (personal) vehicle

      • Violations occurring in a district-owned vehicle

    • Revocation of driving privileges

      • Required to notify district immediately of revocation