First Grade

  • What to Know Before You Go
    1st Grade
    1. Spell and write their name correctly using uppercase and lowercase letters appropriately.
    2. Read and write whole numbers up to 20.
    3. Identify all upper and lowercase letters  and produce their sounds.
    4. Recognize and produce rhymes.
    5. Read all Kindergarten sight words fluently
    6. Independently tie their shoes
    7. Use a number line to count one more or one less.
    8. Count by 1's, 5's, and 10's up to 100.
    9. Identify all coins and know their value.
    10. Listen attentively and follow two step directions.

    2nd Grade
    1. Write first and last name with proper letter formation.
    2. Read 55 words per minute at a 2nd grade reading level.
    3. Write a complete sentence with correct spacing, capital letter and punctuation.
    4. Blend letter sounds to sound out words.
    5. Retell a story using facts and details to show understanding of teh story.
    6. Know addition and subtraction facts 0-10.
    7. Tell time to the hour and half hour.
    8. Identify and know value of each coin.
    9. Skip count by 2's, 5's, and 10's.
    10. Show independence by tying shoes, zipping a jacket, and be responsible for daily necessary work/items.