Cloquet Middle School Vision Statement

  • Curriculum
    CMS Students will take responsibility to come to school prepared, participate in class, and take ownership in their educational outcome.

    CMS Staff will individually ensure that Language Arts will be the cornerstone for all subject areas. Utilizing lessons/strategies that include reading, writing and speaking skills across the curriculum that will prepare students to meet or exceed grade level standards.

    • Implement new reading, writing and speaking strategies across the curriculum as presented by the Literacy Committee.
    • Review and analyze MAP scores/ implement technology updates/ and share educational opportunities-aha moments with peers.

    CMS Students will:

    • Have the opportunity to develop organizational techniques.
    • Hone leadership skills.
    • Participate and utilize Olweus training.
    • Experience the importance of personal/community responsibility that will result in a safe, caring yet rigorous eco-friendly school environment.  

    CMS Staff Will:

    • Implement The Essential 55 that will support student character growth. Implementing lessons that support development in organization, leadership and citizenship skills.
    • Set high expectations academically, socially, and ethically.
    • Serve as role models/leaders regarding character, accountability, health and wellness in both academic and physical endeavors.

    CMS Students will:

    • Understand the importance and role of how fitness, health, and diet choices connect to their learning potential and the critical role in overall well-being today and in their future.
    • Recognize the essential connection between education and democracy and exercise their Right to voice their views and opinions in a non-discriminatory atmosphere.
    • Take an active role in nurturing an eco friendly school and community environment. 

    CMS Staff will:

    • Share, support and encourage growth in the areas of nutrition and health and fitness throughout all curricular areas.
    • Share pertinent information with peers regarding student issues i.e. identifying and intervening at-risk students; encourage all students to participate in extra curricular and/or advanced teams.
    • Provide a safe nurturing/eco friendly environment that will give opportunity for debate on social issues that will prepare students to be active citizens of the world.