Early Childhood Screening/School Census

  • Early Childhood Screening

    August 29, 30 & 31, 2022
    It's quick, simple, fun, and FREE! Early Childhood Screening is for children 3 years and older. 
    Cloquet District offers screenings two times a year.
    All children must attend Early Childhood Screening prior to Kindergarten. 
    If you have not been contacted and your child is 3 years 8 months or older, please call Kayla at (218) 879-9291 to set up an appointment. 
    Come for a fun 1.5 hours of games for your child and an opportunity for you, as parents, to learn about your child's development.

    *Please noteScreening is not the same as Kindergarten Round-Up. Each one must be done before your child enters kindergarten. Round-Up takes place in the spring before your child starts kindergarten.

    Click here for a list of skills your child should be able to do to be prepared for kindergarten.

    Please call Kayla at 879-9291 to schedule an appointment.

    School Census... Counting every child 0-5 in the Cloquet district

    Recently moved into our school district?
    New birth or new family member ages 0 - 5?
    New phone number or address?

    Please call Kayla at 218-879-9291 or click here to fill out a form. 
    Families on the census receive valuable information regarding services, screenings, events and roundups.
    Please check out the Help Me Grow website for more information about your child's development with resources for parents.