Student Attendance

  • As educators, we are uniquely aware of the vital role attendance plays in the quality of learning for our students. A number of scheduled breaks are placed into every school year calendar to provide time for families to gather for holidays and vacations. With these thoughts in mind, we want to reiterate some policies and procedures regarding attendance that are followed at Cloquet Sr. High School to secure a proper educational experience for our students. First and foremost, we are aware that extenuating circumstances may arise during the school year. Please contact a principal in such a case. The ATTENDANCE POLICY at CHS follows guidelines put in place by the State of Minnesota regarding mandatory student attendance in school, MS State Statute 120A.22. Please do not hesitate to contact either building principal to seek additional clarification or discuss any other concerns you may have.

    Following are major areas we need to bring to your attention:

    Attendance Hotline (absence for the day):   Student Absences Pre-Arranged Absences: Tardiness to School:

    Call: (218) 879-3393, option 1

    If you know your child will be missing school, please notify the 24-hour attendance line in advance.

    If you are absent for a full day, please have your parent/guardian leave a message on our Attendance Hotline (218) 879-3393 option 1 prior to, or on the day of the absence.

    The message needs to include: 

    • Name of parent/guardian
    • Name and grade of student
    • Date of absence
    • Reason for the absence

    If you are leaving school early or coming to school late, please bring a note from your parent/guardian excusing you for this absence.  You will need to bring this note to the High School Main office. 

    Absences without a valid excuse from a parent/guardian will be considered unexcused/truant. Unexcused absences result in disciplinary/punitive (classroom) consequences. Excessive absences (excused and/or unexcused) will be referred to the District Truancy Officer.

    1. Absences for family vacations, or other extended leave issues that extend beyond one school day,
      must be taken care of 5 days (or more) prior to the extended absence.
    2. A PRE-ARRANGED ABSENCE FORM must be obtained from the main office. In order to obtain this
      form, a parent/guardian phone call or note must be presented to the main office.
    3. The form itself is self-explanatory, with four (4) steps that MUST completed PRIOR TO THE ABSENCE.
    4. Failure to comply with this process could result in the absences being unexcused and could ultimately
      result in the loss of credit in any/all classes missed or disciplinary consequences.
    1. Bus transportation is provided and students are expected to arrive to class on time, and be in their assigned seats and ready to learn every day of every class period.
    2. A five (5) minute passing time between classes provides adequate time for student to navigate the school building.
    3. Tardy students will face consequences from either the classroom teacher or a building principal.
    4. Juniors and Seniors who are habitually tardy returning from open lunch may lose their open lunch privilege.
    5. Excessive tardiness will also be referred to the District Truancy Officer.