What happens in Title 1?

  • title Teacher-Directed Instruction:  Teacher-directed instruction is offered to students who are reading below their grade level peers and are in need of a research-based, teacher directed program that will focus on the main components of literacy in order to help them become a more proficient reader.  Some examples of skills that are taught in a direct instruction program include phonics, sound combinations, blending, decoding, and also fluency.  Teacher-directed instruction takes place daily for 25-minute blocks of time.

    Read Naturally Fluency Lab:  Read Naturally is a research-based program that enables students to become fluent readers.  It has three components:  teacher modeling, repeated reading, and progress monitoring. It is based on several research-based theories, including the following:

    • Students become good readers by reading
    • Reading along with a more proficient reader improves word recognition and reading fluency.
    • Reading a passage several times improves fluency.
    • Self-monitoring of progress improves reading achievement. 

    1st - 3rd Grade Math Clubs: Title I math clubs are teacher led math programs that are designed to assist students with the math concepts that are being taught in their regular classroom.

    What services are provided at each grade level?

    • Kindergarten
      • Basic reading skills, such as letter names/sounds, rhyming, sight words and blending, are taught in a small group setting.
      • Basic math skills are reinforced such as counting, patterns, shapes, number recognition, addition and subtraction. 
    • First Grade
      • Teacher-directed instruction
      • Math Club
      • Read Naturally Fluency Lab
    • Second Grade 
      • Teacher directed instruction
      • Read Naturally Fluency lab
      • Math Club
    • Third/Fourth Grades
      • Teacher directed instruction
      • Read Naturally Fluency lab
      • Math Club