North Homes

  • In an effort to support our students in the best possible way, we are proud to say that our high school has 2 school counselors, a family‐school support worker, a restorative justice coordinator and program, and an intervention specialist.  We understand that mental health is at an all‐time high, and there are many needs that go deeper than the support that a school counselor can provide, so Cloquet High School has partnered with North Homes Children and Family Services in order to offer in house mental health services and therapy.

    • North Homes therapists and CTSS workers are located in the high school and available for the mental health needs of students at CHS.
    • Mental health recourses are available to anyone who is in need of services.  
    • North Homes offers in‐school CTSS services as well as therapy services at an affordable or even free cost, and students can be seen during the school day without the worry of transportation or schedule conflicts.
    • If mental health services are something that you are interested in, please contact Maraya Leino at 218‐244‐4136 or at [email protected]