Carlton County: Family School Support Worker Program

  • The Family School Support Worker program is a family focused, preventative service offered in partnership by Carlton County Public Health and Human Services and the Public School Districts of Carlton County – Wrenshall, Barnum, Carlton, and Cloquet – and supported by the Carlton County Family and Service Collaborative. This program provides early support to families and children within their home, school, and community. The program is staffed by Social Workers hired by Carlton County Public Health and Human Services to serve as a liaison between resource agencies, schools, and the surrounding communities. The primary function of this position is to provide short term, in-home assessments, intervention, and referral; improve communication between human services, schools, and resource agencies; and provide early identification of student/family issues requiring additional services. The positions work in conjunction with school personnel such as school counselors and school social workers and do not supplant these positions.

    Some of the services that Family School Support Workers can provide include:

    • Help families find and access services related to improving their child’s educational experience.
    • Act as a link in resolving difficulties and/or differences that may occur between the home and the school, as it relates to educational planning.
    • Participation in interdisciplinary teams to review intervention strategies for families in need to include school administration, staff, child study teams, crisis reviews, etc.
    • Provide in-home support for families and children experiencing difficulties within the home that are not directly related to school performance or planning.
    • Referrals to other services that may be beneficial to the family and assistance in accessing those services. This might include referrals for Rule 185 case management, children’s mental health case management,
    • Parent Support Outreach Program, Income Maintenance programs, local food shelves, Lakes & Pines, transportation, etc.
    • Providing direct services such as parent support and education, budgeting, service planning, and assisting with behavioral contracts.

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