Continuing Ed Committee

  • The local Continuing Education Committee of the Cloquet Public School District #94, is established according to the Minnesota Board of Teaching Rules Chapter 8710, for the purpose of evaluating continuing education activities, granting appropriate clock hours for those activities, and recommending renewal of five-year continuing or professional teaching and support service licenses.  It is understood that the purpose of continuing education is to enhance the capabilities of the professional educator in performing assigned professional responsibilities.  All activities for which clock hours are granted must address standards in Minnesota Rules 8710.2000.  Except for individuals holding life licenses, all individuals with continuing or professional licenses are subject to the PELSB continuing education rules. 

    Separate from Continuing Education Committee, the District Advisory Council makes decisions on ISD #94 resources and funds for Staff Development.  Those who would like to discuss Staff Development may contact either their school administrator or a DAC building representative or review Training Opportunities

    Questions concerning CEU’s may be made with the Continuing Education Committee Chair, Matt Krafthefer at [email protected] or with your Continuing Education building representative. 


    General information for Tier 3 and 4 teachers is included below.  For further, more specific information, please go to the Cloquet Continuing Education Handbook.

    Clock hour means an hour of actual instruction, or planned group or individual professional development activity as approved by the local continuing education/relicensure committee.

    Renewal clock hours. The local relicensure committee must verify that Tier 3 and 4 applicants have completed the appropriate number of total hours before relicensure (75 approved clock hours for Tier 3, 125 approved clock hours for Tier 4).  Applicants must include in their required clock hours instruction or other professional development activities which address:

    • Positive Behavioral intervention strategies;
    • meet the needs of individual students;
    • Evidence of further Reading preparation; 
    • Understanding Mental Illness in children and adolescents 
    • including Suicide Prevention best practices; 
    • Meeting the needs of English Language Learners
    • Cultural Competency Training

    Clock hours can be categorized via items A - I. (Categories B-I: 1 hr = 1 clock hr)

    • Relevant coursework completed at accredited colleges and universities. (Copies of transcripts and grade reports must be submitted.) 1 qtr. hr. = 16 clock hours     1 semester hr. = 24 clock hours
    • Educational workshops, conferences, institutes, seminars or lectures in areas appropriate to license held.
    • Staff development activities, in-service meetings, and in service courses.
    • Site, district, regional, state, national, or international curriculum development.
    • Engagement in formal peer coaching or mentorship relationships with colleagues
    • Professional Service
    • Leadership Experiences
    • Opportunities to enhance knowledge and understanding of diverse educational settings
    • Pre-approved travel or work experience:

    A Tier 3 or 4 applicant requesting renewal of license to teach must earn their minimum clock hours during each licensure period (Tier 3 every 3 years, Tier 4 every 5 years) by June 30 of the year of expiration. An applicant may not bank renewal clock hours for purposes of relicensure, but clock hours earned after an application for renewal has been submitted may be applied to the next renewal period.

    An applicant who seeks renewal of a continuing license for two or more licensed areas shall allocate at least 30 clock hours to each of the licensure areas for a total of no fewer than the appropriate 75 or 125 clock hours (depending upon Tier), with priority given to work in areas where the candidate is employed during the licensure period. An applicant who holds an administrative license or licenses may allocate units for the renewal of teaching licensure in this same manner.

    The Relicensure Committee shall not grant clock hours for experiences that are primarily for personal rather than professional improvement or for experiences that duplicate other granted clock hour experiences without new or enhanced professional development value.