• Cloquet Area Mountain Bike Trails 
    Pine Valley, Cloquet

    The Pine Valley Single Track Mountain Bike Trail built in 2018 includes a total of 2.1 miles of trail.  The trail head is located at the parking area for the Pine Valley Chalet.  The trail is designed as a stacked loop layout that includes both beginner and intermediate skill level trails.   Trails closest to the trail head are beginner level, one way trails.  A short two-way connector leads to the more challenging and scenic part of the trails that explore deeper into Pine Valley Park.  These intermediate skill level trails are constructed as one way trails and include a climb to the top of the ridge a loop around the ridge top and a flow trail retuning down to the two-way connector. 
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Mountain Bike Trails
Pine Valley Bike Run
  • Pine Valley - Bike, Run, Family Fun  

    Sunday, August 11th, 11am

    This event provides community and visiting bikers, runners, and families a choice of a 13K duathlon - bike and run, a 7.5K bike, a 5.5K run, and 1.2K family fun for families with kids 10 and under. This event introduces Cloquet’s new mountain/fat bike trail to the northland and is a fund raiser to extend the mountain bike trail to the planned 5 miles.
    Family Fun - 11 am
    Dogs, brats, burgers and drinks begin at 12 noon.
    13K duathlon and 7.5K mountain bike ride - 12 pm
    5.5K run - 1 pm
    Your participation in this event helps promote the versatility of the Pine Valley trails.
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