Recertification Information


    1. Once all clock hour (or other) requirements have been met, applicants should go to PELSB or The Department of Education’s website to enter the License Renewal system.  
    2. On first visit to the Online Licensing System, applicants should be sure to have a Google account ready to assign to the Dept. of Ed. & PELSB's websites.  
    3. In order to log in, applicants will need their file folder and license number.  Instructions are on the website and the easiest way to access the information is by looking at the license itself.  If the applicant cannot find a copy of their license, a file is kept at Central Admin.  Please contact the secretary for the Superintendent, Bonnie Monfeldt, for further assistance.  ([email protected]
    4. Applicants should follow the step-by-step instructions offered in the Online Licensing System.  
    5. Once a license has been updated with the State of MN for the next renewal cycle, applicants must submit a copy of the updated license to the secretary for the Superintendent, Bonnie Monfeldt!

    Note: If an applicant is unsure if they have met State requirements or if CEU’s are still being processed, the License Renewal system provides detailed information on clock hours that have been approved and completed.  All other inquiries should go to Continuing Education Building Representatives.  

    Additional Instructions for Tier 1 Renewal:

    Please complete the Out of Field Permission Form and log on to the Online Licensing System. 

    In addition, Tier 1 teachers must:

    • Attempt (but not necessarily pass) the MTLE content exam aligned with the content field to be instructed (if available).
    • Complete Cultural Competency Training
    • Be evaluated by a building administrator through ISD #94’s evaluation method
    • Participate with on-going Mentorship with another teacher (assigned by the applicant’s building administrator)

    Note: Tier 1 applicants need to apply after July 1st of the year of renewal.  Tier 3 and 4 applicants (which include the vast majority of teachers) must apply for renewal by or before June 30th of the year of renewal.  Deadlines for Tier 2 are pending and will begin in the year, 2020.