The Cloquet Curriculum Office grants CEUs for the following experiences:

        * Staff Development activities happening within the District
        * Curriculum Development
        * Formal Peer Mentoring or Coaching

    CEUs are not automatically generated. The leader of such experiences must submit the following information to the Curriculum Office at Central Administration:

        1. Title of experience
        2. Date
        3. Hours spent
        4. Whether the experience qualifies for one of the five areas required by the
            state: Behavior, Mental Heath, Reading, Accommodations, or Technology

    *NEW: Webinar credit information

    The Continuing Education committee and the Curriculum Office would like to encourage staff to enhance their own professional learning by attending webinars. In the past, credit was only given for attendance when the webinar was scheduled as a group where someone was responsible for taking attendance.  The committee and the curriculum office have struggled with the process for offering credit when the teacher has sought their own learning objectives and experiences through webinars and/or online training.

    Moving forward, in order to address this need, the Application for Webinar Credit form is available through the curriculum office to apply for credit after attending webinars and online training.  This form must be satisfactorily completed in order for a certificate to be created for a member’s record and submittal.  In addition, members seeking credit must print off some form of proof that they have either registered for or have attended the webinar.  This is usually in the form of an email confirmation from the business or entity that hosts the webinar.

    Please return the form and attachment to Karrie Osvold at the Curriculum Office in the Administrative building.