• Volunteer Opportunities 

    A strong school has a committed community behind it, offering time and expertise to support academic and enrichment programming.

    This webpage is an attempt to begin listing the opportunities available to parent, senior citizens, high school students, businesses, and other community organizations to become involved.

    While this webpage does not list all the ways to become involved, we will continue to update it to make it as comprehensive as possible. Included in the lists will be a best-guess at the time commitment.

    Research proves that when parents are involved in their children's educational experience, the student performs at a higher academic level than peers whose parents are not involved or who show their children negative attitudes toward the school. When a child knows that mom and/or dad is visiting their school or talking to someone at the school, the child begins to understand how much mom and dad care about what is happening at the school.


    Specific Volunteer Opportunities  

    Partners in Education (PIE)
    Monthly meetings at Churchill and Washington.

    P.I.E. works as a partner with school staff and administrators to improve and enhance learning and education opportunities available for our students. The P.I.E. group serves as a parent-management organization through which families can voice concerns, promote ideas and take an active role in their child's education. PIE also supports the school through volunteer and financial assistance and fosters better learning by facilitating communication between parents and faculty.     PIE also sponsors family activities to create a welcoming and nurturing environment for every student, such as Family Reading Nights, and school dances and carnivals.

    All meetings are held from 6:30-8:00, with Child Care provided. As a parent, there are several ways to support P.I.E., and the level of your involvement in P.I.E. is really up to you!  You can volunteer a little or a lot—every contribution makes a wonderful difference in your child’s school experience!

    Cloquet High School Theater Arts Extra-Curricular Play Program
    The Theater Arts Extra-Curricular Play Program at CHS is always looking for parents and community members to help build sets, paint sets, make props and costumes, design PR materials for the plays, and lots of other play-related activities. Many volunteers needed.

    Classroom Volunteers
    Classroom teachers appreciate adults who are willing to share time to support classroom activities. There are more varied opportunities to help than could be listed here. Please contact the classroom teacher directly. (An especially needed classroom support in the elementary schools are adults who are willing to listen to students read.)

    Fall Vision and Hearing Screenings
    All students’ grades K-5, 7 & 8 are screened beginning in late Sept through early November. Each school has a main screen, which typically takes a full day and two weeks later a make-up or re-screen – which is 2-3 hours in length. Several parent volunteers are needed for each of the main screens. Please contact Denice Risberg, Middle School Nurse’s office – 879-3328  

    Power Lunch
    The Power Lunch Reading Program matches community volunteers with teacher-selected 1st and 2nd grade students at both Churchill and Washington Elementary Schools. The volunteers come in during the students' lunch/recess time. They meet their student in the library/media center, go to the cafeteria and get a lunch, eat lunch and spend the rest of the time sharing the joy of reading. This is not a how-to-read program but a let's-have-fun reading program. Volunteer time is limited to one hour a day, one day a week from November through March.  Students benefit from the one-to-one adult contact and look forward to Power Lunch Day. Adults like the time spent with students in their learning environment.

    Contact Churchill at 879-3308 or Washington at 879-3369 for more information.