Truancy Officer

  • Joshua Hagen
    Position: Truancy Officer
    cell phone 218-390-4813

    Josh Hagen is the Truancy Officer for Carlton County.


    1. Three unexcused or a combination of eight total unexcused/excused absences
      1. Initial letter of notification letter sent to parents by school officials
    2. Five unexcused or a combination of ten total unexcused/excused absences
      1. Referral sent to the Truancy Officer, the district Truancy Officer may take the following actions (in cooperation with school administration):
        1. Meet with the student and/or parent/guardian to explain Minnesota State attendance laws and consequences
        2. Sign an individual attendance contract with student and/or parents
        3. Contact and arrange assistance for family with any needed support services (i.e.:  family school support worker, social worker, school nurse, school counselor) 
    3. Seven unexcused absences or more, referral to Carlton County District Attorney (habitual truant under Minnesota Statute 260C.007 sub 19)
      1. Truancy Petition filed with Carlton County Attorney
        1. District Attorney may file as a child in need of protection with District Court
        2. Depending on the age of the student, District Attorney, Truancy Officer and Carlton County Human Services will make a determination whether or not it is a case of truancy or educational neglect\


    Students and parents/guardians must understand that each school has the right to not give credit or promote to the next grade due to inadequate seat time.  It must also be understood that each school reserves the right to request physicians notes for a student who has had excessive excused absences (if a note has been requested and not provided, the school can determine that day to be absent unexcused).

    It is the responsibility of each student and parent/guardian to read attendance policies within their school’s handbook.  Refer to school administration for questions or clarification.

    All policies and procedures listed above pertain to k-12 students enrolled in a Carlton County school.